Our vision is to provide traditional Christian education.  We offer a very unique program with a focus on training the heart and mind through:

•  Encouraging critical thinking, logic, investigation, reflection, and nurturing the intellect.

•  Utilizing God’s Word and its principles as our foundation for moral conduct and truth.

•  Fostering healthy relationships with others and with God.

•  Offering first-hand exposure to great and noble ideas through books in each core subject and through art, music, and poetry, using “Living Books” that make the subject come alive.

•  Habit training with regard to how God would like us to use our head and hands in our daily walk.

•  Small class size.

•  A peaceful atmosphere.

We believe that, through the precepts of Headwaters Christian School, the students will be prepared to live a life for God’s purposes and be filled with godly character, knowledge, wisdom, and skill to live in today’s world.