We are often asked what curriculum we use.  At Headwaters Christian School, we continually re-evaluate the curriculum we use for each grade level.  Instead of simply choosing an all-encompassing boxed curriculum, we have selected the best from each source available.  Some curriculums we have used and/or are using are:

 Spalding Method/Writing Road to Reading:  a proven method of teaching phonics and used as a comprehensive language arts program.

•  Horizon Math by Alpha Omega:  effectively utilizing the Spiral Method by revisiting previously learned skills.

•  Language Arts Through Literature:  using good literature to teach language skills.

•  McGuffey Readers:  These readers are fun, moral, rich in vocabulary, and were widely used as textbooks in American schools from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century.

•  Rod and Staff:  good for reading and grammar for grades four through six.

•  A Beka:  for standardized testing and for some readers.

•  Apologia Science:  a good base science curriculum to supplement our hands-on nature study and observation.